We all have our own  UNIQUE problems to solve on an ongoing basis. The truth is that no matter how much we believe in our uniqueness and pride ourselves in our own individuality - many others suffer the same trials and tribulations on a daily basis. Hopefully, we can learn some valuable LifeHacks from other people's experiences to quickly find solutions to our unique problems.

The internet has fostered the growing access to information on an enormous scale. But because it is so big we find ourselves searching for a needle in an ever-growing haystack.  Join me here as we try to make that task easier.

I share my experiences and those of others in finding these solutions. I am not looking to invite lengthy debate on the woes of the situation, as that just drags us into a negative dialogue with no solutions. But I am interested in sharing positive solutions in the form of LifeHacks to help people move forward.

If you have any similar solutions to other problems I would be glad to feature them here. My only stipulation is to vary the topic. I have no desire to start endless forums on singular solutions or targeting any particular solution or Brand for ridicule or hate sessions. Everybody will get bored to death.

Other Solutions at BTR SERVICES

English Language Tuition

Do you or someone you know need tuition in speaking the English Language? Living in a country other than your country of birth has many challenges, especially if English is not your first language. People in this situation often feel displaced and isolated. Yet at the same time, they are shy to ask for help. While there are opportunities within the formal system to learn English, there are great benefits to be found with private or Freelance English tutors. Learning can be greater tailored to suit the individual's personal needs. It can also be a better more relaxing environment that the student can build a better learning outcome. Go here to find a solution

WordPress personal Websites

Are you currently looking at or operating a home office or business? How is it going? It is a great lifestyle for those that can find success in working this way. Often the main reason for taking this path is to add quality of life for yourself and loved ones. Also you may have decided to find an avenue of endeavour that lets make a suitable income to sustain your efforts. Living a lifestyle that adds to your general Wellness and Happiness? It is not something that will happen overnight. But it can happen. The sooner you start -  the closer you will be to realising the dream. It starts with the chrysalis of an idea. Do you want to sell products, sell your personal services, run a blog with monetization? A personal website can be the vehicle to take you there. More information Here

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